Eyebrow Extensions

With our custom styling, even your eyebrows get a makeover. Eyebrows frame our face and enhance facial features creating a more youthful appearance. The trend is thick dense brows as seen in all the magazines and on celebrities. For aged eyes you will have an instant eye lift.

For thin sparse eyebrows, we can create a bold beautiful brow or fill in existing brows eliminating the need for any makeup. Very fine mink fibers are added one strand at a time until the desired shape and volume is achieved.

Now you can have beautifully arched neatly groomed brows. Different style and color options are available.

Application time varies from 1 hour to 1.5 hr. Extensions that are applied directly to the skin could last 7-10 days. However when extensions are applied directly to the existing hair this will last 2-3 weeks. Maintain you perfect brows with touch up every 2 weeks. You must be extremely careful to ensure longevity with eyebrow extensions.