Microblading is the HOTTEST trend to hit America. Microblading (aka Eyebrow Embroidery, 3D Brows, 6D Brows, Hairstroke brows…) is a Semi-Permanent technique done with a manual pen that penetrates the top layer of skin with pigment. This offers a realistic and dimensional, natural brow consisting of fine hair like strokes instead of a “block of color”.

With eyebrow extensions, even your eyebrows get a makeover. Eyebrows frame our face and enhance facial features creating a more youthful appearance. The trend is thick dense brows as seen in all the magazines and on celebrities. For aged eyes you will have an instant eye lift.

For thin sparse eyebrows, we can create a bold beautiful brow or fill in existing brows eliminating the need for any makeup. Very fine mink fibers are added one strand at a time until the desired shape and volume is achieved.

Now you can have beautifully arched neatly groomed brows. Different style and color options are available.

Application time varies from 1 hour to 1.5 hr. Extensions that are applied directly to the skin could last 7-10 days. However when extensions are applied directly to the existing hair this will last 2-3 weeks. Maintain you perfect brows with touch up every 2 weeks. You must be extremely careful to ensure longevity with eyebrow extensions.




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Aerolase Lasers Now Here!

We are proud to present the LightPod Era laser! This ablative laser allows patients to achieve PROFOUND rejuvenation on the widest range of skin conditions including wrinkles, scars, burns, age spots, and lesions. When combined with our LightPod Neo laser - the two work magic. - Jan 22, 2016


Aerolase 650-microsecond laser technology has set a new standard for hair removal capabilities on all skin types - and patients are noticing the potential impact these treatments can have on their appearance and even confidence. http://bit.ly/1KHZ5Ni
-Jan 9, 2016

We are so excited announce that we have the new Aerolase Neo laser at the Stamford Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Center! Why do we love this machine so much? Not only can skin rejuvenation treatments be performed successfully on any skin color (yes - ANY skin color), but it also can treat for laser hair removal, nail fungus, broken capillaries, melasma and pigmentation treatments all in one machine! We love it and you will too! Check out their awesome REAL patient testimonials then give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation - 203.690.6000.

Vitamin B12 Shots for More Energy!

Energy: It’s something we all want more of.  B12 Vitamin Shots 11223902_455822724604353_2011053060987109158_ngive users a higher level of energy - the effects are apparent immediately! Also Vitamin B12 stats show that it is amazingly effective at helping the body's methylation processes get rid of foreign substances (ie. cold viruses). So come on in and get revived with a B12 Vitamin Shot today!

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is based on important research by NASA showing that certain frequencies of light significantly increase new tissue growth, stimulate collagen production and reduce fine lines and wrinkles amongst so many other benefits (see below).11032235_455372584649367_8453947709201927001_n

Did you know? LED is now used for transplant surgeries. Yes indeed. Think liver and kidney transplants. why? Simple. Tissue repair happens much more quickly with LED than without using it! Amazing! Have skin and tissue damage? We have LED for you!! - Dec. 16, 2015