Lipo Laser

A state-of-the-art, noninvasive FDA-approved option for those who want to lose inches off their waist, thighs, buttocks, chin, arms, hips and stomach, in days instead of months.

This is a 100% noninvasive laser-based spot fat reduction and body contouring system using Lipo-Laser. *Treatments are recommended as a package.

What are the benefits of Lipo-Laser
Clients can expect to see a reduction of between 0.5 cm to 2.5 cm per treatment depending on the density of subcutaneous fat of the treated area.

Through this targeted process the technology stimulates the cell to release water, free fatty acids and glycerol without surgery. A Lipo-Laser treatment has the relaxation of a 40-minute massage with the benefits of inch loss.

The laser energy is safe and painless as it penetrates the skin to targets specific fat cells. The treated area will be re-measured to assess the inch loss achieved.